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Colleen Nachtrieb

Creative Director/UX Director

Activision/Budcat Creations

Budcat Creations was a 3rd party developer until 2009 at which time it was purchased by Activision. I had the pleasure of working at Budcat Creations for five years, as both a 3D artist and as Lead Game Designer. While there I helped in the development of 6+ titles and worked through the prototyping and development of other unseen titles. 


Published Game Titles

  • Guitar Hero 3 (PS2)

  • Blast Works (Wii)

  • Guitar Hero Aerosmith (PS2/XBOX)

  • Guitar Hero Metallica (PS2/XBOX)

  • Our House (Wii)

  • Pix Maze (iPhone)

  • Top Shot Arcade (Wii)

  • Skylanders (Toys for Bob)

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