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Colleen Nachtrieb

Creative Director/UX Director

Star Trek Timelines 

Star Trek Timelines is the 2015 Disruptor Beam Mobile game that is presently live and delivering a continuation of the Star Trek experience to fans throughout the world. While on Star Trek Timelines, I was the Senior UI/UX Designer. I created the user experience that drew inspiration from the LCARs system found in the Next Generation Star Trek series. 

Style Guide

Final Screens



Created Dabo wheel animation, item reveals, and away mission animations when rolling on skills and choosing characters.

Created stim pack animation and effect, success screens, level up moment and animations. Directed and lead efforts to improve over all art and effects.

Designed Event flow and splash screen. This animation illustrates the coming soon splash screen, with functionality.

Created Design and flow of away missions, and animated crew rolls on stats, special effects on bonus items and transitions throughout gameplay flow.

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